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35 Comments to “My Official and Final Statement on My Departure From ALICE 105.9!”

  1. Matthew Gallegos via Facebook

    Jan 5th, 2012

    I’m sorry Erica, I was really shocked to hear the news. You were a good fit :)

  2. Matthew Gallegos via Facebook

    Jan 5th, 2012

    I’m sorry Erica, I was really shocked to hear the news. You were a good fit :)

  3. Carolyn Kratowicz via Facebook

    Jan 5th, 2012

    I love your candor! You’re amazing :)

  4. Lisa Arévalos via Facebook

    Jan 5th, 2012

    You will be missed

  5. I am so sad to see you go! I loved the morning show and my drive to work just hasn’t been the same! Personally I am not happy with the decision. I was SO happy when Jamie finally left the first time.. Good luck to you!

  6. You are a classy lady, unlike your replacement.

  7. Amy Stafford via Facebook

    Jan 5th, 2012

    Erica it took so long for me to find someone I truly enjoyed listening to every morning and now this. I am so terribly sad to see you go. I have moved on to a different radio station but you let me know when you land somewhere that appreciates you and I will listen to you once again. Just know you will be truly missed here in Denver. We love you!!

  8. Good luck!!! I wish you and your Jessie the best opportunities.

  9. Susan Shugart Moore via Facebook

    Jan 5th, 2012

    Wow…First thanks for confirming all rumors and what not. And thanks for telling us what happened. Nothing is worse than tuning into your station and all of a sudden a favorite DJ is all of a sudden gone. Like you said, some of us were on vacation or missed it and left to try to figure out what is going on. Really sucks. Not sure what I think about Jamie coming back as she was a little over the top for me then, not sure what she will be like now… but one thing for sure is that you will be missed.

  10. Joe Sandoval via Facebook

    Jan 5th, 2012

    You will be missed. My mornings have not and will not be the same without you. Thanks for keeping your loyal listeners informed. Good luck in everything you and let us know where you end up–hopefully they stream live!!

  11. I was not a listener to the morning show. Having said that, I felt you were the ONLY reason to listen to the show. Your leaving is definitely a loss for them. Good luck to you and we will be following you on Facebook.

  12. Missy Olson via Facebook

    Jan 5th, 2012

    So sad :( I have to say Goodbye to Alice too… I only listened for you.. You brought amazing to the morning show!! Are you staying in Denver?

  13. OK – so Jamie White was my favorite back in the day. If they are going to get rid of someone to make room for her, get rid of BJ! He contributes NOTHING! Jamie, Howie and Erica! There you go! When I first started listening it was Jamie, Frosty and Frank – BJ is the Frosty who also contributed NOTHING. Frank was the Howie. Anyway! That’s my suggestion- Jamie, Howie and Erica!

  14. You will be missed!!! Best of luck!

  15. So sorry to hear the news. You are a class act Erica, and you will do well. So disappointed to hear that Jamie is coming back to Denver radio. I wish she would have stayed in Cali, with all the other loud mouthed radio personalities. I will not be listening to Alice anymore.

  16. Julie Burke via Facebook

    Jan 5th, 2012

    Thank you for sharing. One of my pet peeves with “radioland” is the listeners/fans never get an explanation as to what happened to our favorite personalities. Best wishes to you!

  17. Hillary Gilfand via Facebook

    Jan 5th, 2012

    This is the sound of me changing stations away from ALICE. Seriously you were the voice of hipness and sanity on that show. What a waste of great talent and a fellow Chi-town sister! We’ll miss u!

  18. I knew it!! That really SUCKS! You are the reason my hubby & I listened to the show. Meet youi a couple of times and you and your hubby are so down to earth! You will be missed. :0(

  19. That really sucks, Erica. I am so disappointed in Alice’s decision to get rid of you instead of Howie (who’s an idiot) I am looking for another morning show. I’m sure you’ll land on your feet and find something fantastic. Best of luck to you.

  20. Taylor Austin via Facebook

    Jan 5th, 2012

    Without bad mouthing anyone in the radio industry, I’ll just say that i’m surprised and disappointed on the GM’s decision to let you go. You are more than a great radio personality. A great role model and genuine person and ALICE should have been proud and excited to have had you as part of their family. This will be ALICE’s and Denver’s loss. Everything happens for a reason though, and I can only imagine that, with your talent, bigger and better things are to come for you. You are a class act!! Blessings and Best Wishes!!

  21. Erica Cobb via Facebook

    Jan 5th, 2012

    Thank you everyone for your support. I am a really fortunate person to say the least! I hope that I have an announcement soon and I’ll be sure to share any news with all of you!

  22. This completely sucks! Thanks for letting us know what is going on – i really hope you get another show in Denver so i can switch! I hope BJ and Howie know how to watch their backs – Jamie completely backstabed Frosty and Frank when they all went to LA. Erica, you will be missed!

  23. Cinthya Gldo via Facebook

    Jan 6th, 2012

    :( not good at all

  24. Good luck to you, Erica! I really enjoyed listening to you in the morning. You’re a class act and will land on your feet quickly!

  25. You will be missed :(

  26. Andrea Kay Miller via Facebook

    Jan 6th, 2012

    I think it was a horrible decision to replace you! As many have said you were the ONLY good thing about that morning show!!!!!! The “gal” they are replacing you with is crude and rude to put it lightly and it looks like Alice will be losing a lot of listeners in the morning. Good luck to you and your family!!! (And should ALice ever ask you to come back, because of all the backlash they are getting, I hope you kindly tell them “no thanks, your loss and mistake!”

  27. I loved listening to you in the morning. I am going to truly miss you and will be looking for another morning show. Truly am disappointed to learn what happened.

  28. I loved listening to you in the morning. I am going to truly miss you and will be looking for another morning show. Truly am disappointed to learn what happened.

  29. Heather M Snyder Wells via Facebook

    Jan 6th, 2012

    OMG…this is such a bunch of crap, I can’t even believe it. I lost my job a few months ago for the same reason…replaced with someone else who had been a previous employee, and the plan was in the works for months. We’re always the last to know. :( You were the best thing that happened to that show, and I feel sorry for ALICE and it’s listeners that they had to re-visit the past instead of looking to the future for their station. I could say a lot more mean things about Jamie White, but I won’t…I’ll save that for the morning show’s page. Love ya’ Erica, and we’ll miss you TONS! I know you’ll be successful with everything you do. :)

  30. That just plain F**king sucks! You were a great addition to Denver radio and a breath of fresh air (and daaamn cute!). You will be missed, I always had a feeling you were on your way to bigger and better things very soon. Booooo on Alice 106!

  31. Beth Adams-Featherston via Facebook

    Jan 7th, 2012

    Once again, Alice 105.9 has blind-sided an on-air personality. When I moved to Colorado and began listening to the morning show, Jennifer was on with BJ & Howie and she was blind-sided as well. You were the one to replace her so I’m guessing you are aware this is how it works. I assume that’s the nature of the industry, but shame on them for handling it in this manner. Calling you in and telling you it’s your last day is completely wrong. I will be finding another station to listen to on my drive to work.
    I really enjoyed listening to you and wish you the best of luck in your new adventures!

  32. Erica, I have been listening to Alice for over 10 years, but they just lost another listener. I think you were great and they made a huge mistake bringing her back and in the poor judgement in how they told you goodbye. I wish you the best of luck. You will be missed!

  33. Gerry Kelting Rasel via Facebook

    Jan 10th, 2012

    Because I ride light rail, I have 10 minutes of that morning show on my commute to the station. Between vacation and stuff, TODAY was the first day I heard a female voice that wasn’t yours.The different direction they are taking apparently means being crass instead of having class.

  34. Opps O.K. now I know…I guess I will just listen to Pandora now

  35. Lindsay Willard via Facebook

    Jan 11th, 2012

    Wahhhh!! This is ridiculous!! My mornings won’t be the same :(

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