Erica the Entrepreneur!

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  I’ve always said ‘if ya haven’t heard from me you should be very concerned or very excited.’  Well friends I have been rather quiet this year and it’s because my life was under construction.  I’ve taken personal time to reflect, restructure and decide what it is I really want.  I have been so blessed […]

Blonc Virgin Hair Sneak Peek!

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Such exciting times for my friends and long-time stylist Bianca!  This fierce sneak peak photo is just a preview of the fabulousness that is Blonc Virgin Hair.  As a long time fan and wearer of hair extensions I have sported BLONC faithfully and exclusively for the past year and have been blown away by the […]

Kim Kardashian’s EPIC Fashion Fail!

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Say what you will about Kim Kardashian, but one thing you can’t deny her is the title of fashionista.  Kim consistently wows everywhere she goes with pieces flawlessly fitted to her curvy frame and accessorized perfectly.  Until NOW…  What in the world was she thinking???? A pair of black leather skinnys with white “Cement” Air Jordan […]

What You Missed Today on My 9news Appearance…

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LOVING being a part of the 9news family and talking entertainment every Friday morning at 8:40ish!  Today Blair, TaRhonda and I discussed the 15 anniversary of Notorious B.I.G.’s tragic murder, Kim Kardashian’s wedding gift make good and Johnny Depp as Tonto in the new “Lone Ranger” movie. Check the video out! Like my look? Get […]

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